Favorite Julep Polishes for Fall


I talk about nail polish a lot, don’t I? Well, it is fun, and comes in so many colors it is kind of hard to stop talking about. I already mentioned my favorite fall nail polishes last week. I didn’t include any Julep nail polishes because I have so many, they would have taken over the post. Instead I’m giving them their own little post to be featured in. I’ve accumulated all of my Julep polishes from Maven boxes (monthly subscription program). I don’t get the box every month, but I get it often enough to have more nail polish than I need.

I love Julep polishes because they are unique colors, good formulas, cute packaging, and an actually usable amount of product in each bottle. I picked 6 polishes out of my stash that are going to be getting some use over the next few months.


Scarlett– “Vibrant red micro glitter metallic” Scarlett is the red nails popular older sister. The glitter is so fine it comes off very metallic-y, which make it feel like the mature way to wear glitter. It is very juicy and a great fall version of red.

Boris and Nicole-“Autumn red-brown frost” When I received this color last October, I wasn’t too thrilled until I put it on. I’ve never seen a color like this. Brown nails can look a bit dirty, but the red undertone and shimmer make it wearable. I love dark nails for the fall and this color is perfect for that look.

Stefani-“Gold flecked grey metallic” This is one of my favorite nail polishes. The box it came in also had a metallic pink color I loved, but it broke :(. Stefani is a gunmetal gray so it doesn’t come off as too shiny. The gold flecks contrast in such an interesting way with the gray. Unlike some metallics, it is also really creamy.

Debra-“Smokey taupe creme” I love taupes, but I can’t wear them everyday. Debra is a lighter taupe which I think looks so classy in the fall. This is one of my favorite colors to use as a base, and then add a brighter accent nail or polka dots on top.

Kelly-“Elegant blush creme” this is a great year round neutral, but I find in the spring and summer I always reach for color. This shade is just so spot on. It isn’t too nude, it isn’t too pink. I looks really great on the nails because it is bright without being in your face.

Sofia-“Sheer spring green with aqua iridescent glitter” Spring green? Glitter? That doesn’t sound like fall! Well, correct. This isn’t really a fall shade. It is a Halloween shade. Because it GLOWS IN THE DARK! I couldn’t resist buying this for some reason. I already plan on wearing this with black crackle over it for my Halloween nails this year. It is always fun to have some funky nail polishes in a collection.

Click here to join Julep’s Maven program. 2 Nail polishes and a beauty product every month for $20. Use code FREEBOX for your first month free!

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