Rant or Rave: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation and Concealer



When I was in Canada, to my surprise, I found this foundation at a drugstore. It was the only item in the store that I had never seen on American shelves. So…I snatched it up. I had heard this foundation was pretty amazing, and a dupe for NARS Sheer Glow. I love foundation with a more dewey, glowy finish to them. I think it looks more natural and fresh. I bought the foundation and the concealer, both of which are supposed to have an ‘anti fatigue effect’.

First off, the packaging is amazing for drugstore. Glass container AND a pump for the foundation. What is this? Heaven? The concealer’s packaging is pretty everyday, but still easy to use.

The color shade I got is pretty perfect for my skin right now, but it will look a bit dark once the rest of my tan fades. The concealer shade is a tinge salmony, which is supposed to help cover under eye circles to make you look more awake.

I applied the foundation with an angled buffing brush. It went on really smoothly with no streaks. It doesn’t dry really fast, giving you time to work it into the skin. I applied 1 thin layer all over the face, then went back for a second layer on the areas of my face that needed it. I haven’t used a thick liquid foundation in awhile so it took some getting used too. For the concealer, I dotted some under my eyes and patted it in with my finger. It didn’t blend into the skin as much as I hoped, but at least it didn’t crease as much as most concealer do on me.

Overall, I definitely like this foundation, but I think i was expecting more out of it. I don’t find it to be much different from most drugstore foundations. If I repurchased it, it would mostly be because having a pump on foundation is awesome. There are a lot of brightening concealers on the market, and non of the really wow me, so I didn’t expect this too either.

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