Monday Mani September 30th


Well, it’s the last day of September. I’m trying to be excited about fall but it is supposed to be 84 degrees on Wednesday. I feel really behind, even though I don’t really have any work. I wasted Sunday away with a hangover, so now the apartment hasn’t been cleaned. Also, there were some other errands I planned on doing and never got around too. I’ve eased my way into fall colors now though. This week featuring Essie Chinchilly.

Essie polishes have a tendency to be a bit translucent, and Essie Chinchilly is not exception. Not a problem though, I usually do 3 coats and I find it looks fine. I find this color to be so interesting. It’s a taupe, I guess, but there is something about that is just so beautiful. It makes me feel cozy. A good plus is that it is neutral so it matches anything you wear!


This week was my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend. These are some of my favorite moments over our time together.


We had a fancy dinner planned, so of course I did my hair. Before and after.


Fancy steak at fancy restaurant! Mmmmm.


Can we talk about how awesome this building is?


It was College Day at the art museums so my boyfriend and I went to the Franklin Institute. Here he is inside a giant heart.


Afterward we went to Federal Donuts which is the best donut place ever!


My boyfriend’s Dad came to visit and he took us out for Oysters.


The next morning. Reheated donuts and bacon.


I found the sexiest of olives.


This was the best meal I ever prepared. Spicy mac and cheese and beef brisket!

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