Fall Nail Polish Favorites


Oh Fall, it’s nice to see you. And my nail polish I haven’t looked at since last year. I love keeping my nail polish seasonal. I feel it helps ensure my nail polish matches my outfit. For the fall, I like using colors that resemble the weather. Dark greens, greys, reds and yellows. And I threw a blue in there too for fun.


Sally Hansen Red Zin Deep red, almost jelly like creme. This is my favorite dark red shade for the fall because it isn’t too vampy. These Sally Hansen polishes last forever on the nails, but the red color tends to stain a bit.

Nails Inc Hampstead Gardens– This mustardy yellow color is great for fall. It’s a unique color, and a perfect match for the fall leaves. It is also a really great quality polish. Very opaque and creamy.

Chanel Perdiot- Every knows about this famous Chanel polish. I bought it on a whim one day but I love it. First off you get what you pay for here. It is like a dream to apply this polish. The color is a gorgeous gold and green color. There are dupes out there for a cheaper price, but Chanel’s is the real deal.

Revlon Indigo Night I bought this originally thinking it was going to be a bright blue, but it ended up drying a bit darker. I ended up loving it. It is always nice to have a brighter shade during the fall, rather than all the usual dark colors.


Revlon Mischievous– I bought this nail polish because I thought it was similar to the color of my car. It is a taupey color, with a tinge of a more purple shade. I love this as a more neutral option for the fall because it still has a bit of color too it.

Sally Hansen Cafe Au Lait– Gotta have a nude! This color has the littlest bit of a shimmer to it which makes it stand out a bit from your hands. I love pairing this color with brighter colors during the fall so help tone them down. Just like the Red Zin, a great formula so it is an ease to apply.

Essie Chinchilly Another famous nail polish, and a favorite. While similar to Mischievous, this color is a bit more brown. It isn’t the best formula, a little on the thin side, but gets opaque with a few coats. I love wearing this color with some pink as an accent.


What kind of colors are you wearing this fall?

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