Monday Mani September 23rd


And just like that. It’s Fall. It’s chilly, it’s the first day of school, and it’s uh…that time of the month. I didn’t do much this week, on a count of things cost money, but I did have a good time. I’ve had these two nail polish colors sitting out on my best for a few weeks because I knew I wanted to use them soon. Then last night I realized how cute they would look together! And this, a polka dot mani was born.


Julep ‘Veronica’ is a mauve creme. I love this color for fall because it is muted, but still pink. Like all Julep polishes, the formula is very opaque and creamy, but not very quick drying. Julep ‘Simone’ is a pastel lilac with a bit of opalescent shimmer. The shimmer is hard to see, but it adds a subtle effect to the color. It is very unique, and great all year round. I really have an obsession with polka dot nails. They are easy to do, but look very impressive. Here, I like how I mixed up the size of the dots for a different effect.


I made this lunch that look so colorful against my zebra rug. I also love eating lunch on the couch.


My boyfriend and I went to Target, then dinner in Cherry Hill. The world looked like this on our way back across the Ben Franklin Bridge.


I got this necklace from Forever 21. I’m really bad at buying myself jewelry, but I really like this, and know I will wear it all the time!


Since moving to my new apartment I have been baking so much! This week I made blueberry muffins. I use a recipe from Smitten Kitchen and everything about it is perfect.


I watched Apollo 13 (admittedly one of my favorite movies) and drank out of my Apollo 13 cups.


I went to Ulta and swatched gold and bronze eyeliner but got overwhelmed so I left.


My bed is comfortable. I’ve been having trouble getting up in the morning because it feels like a cloud.


I finally washed my make up brushes. Ugh, why is it I’m so bad at this?


I miss vacation, but at least I have this Powell’s mug to remember it by.

Well I’ve got my first class in 3 hours. I’m wearing a sweater. Hello Fall!

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