LGLG Chapter 2: What’s in a Name?

I read this chapter from the comfort of my parents porch.
I read this chapter from the comfort of my parents porch.

I am quickly starting to become extremely upset with the FDA and other industries involved with the cosmetics industry. It seems like no ones cares what they are putting into products as long as it sells, and it doesn’t outright kill someone. Chapter 2 of “Look Great, Live Green” by Deborah Burnes focuses on reading labels, and understanding how the ingredients effect your health.

The big take away is, don’t trust names and labels on products, read the ingredients. And, just because it is a company you like, or a product you think works well, it doesn’t mean the ingredients are safe. In order to be a safe shopper, you have to be a smart shopper. Companies lie and stretch the truth in order to sell you a product. Most shoppers will look at a label and within seconds know if they want to buy the product or not. So, stop looking at the labels. Be smart and read what is actually there.

One section of the chapter that stood out to me was about how much your skin absorbs, and can get into your blood stream. For example, nicotine patches are put on the skin, yet they have chemicals that go through the skin, into the bloodstream in order to work. Imagine a lotion with chemicals that have been linked to cancer as the main ingredients. You are rubbing that on your skin, thus letting it sink into your blood stream.

I went to the doctor’s office after reading this chapter and when it was time for my flu shot, I couldn’t help but think “Isn’t there a lotion for this? It will work the same way!” Is it normal to still hate shots at the age of 22?

From now on, I’m going to look past labels, fancy fonts, and words like ‘natural’ ‘hydrating’ and ‘silky’. They are just buzz words to get you thinking “Hey! I need a product that does that!”

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3 thoughts on “LGLG Chapter 2: What’s in a Name?

  1. I always read the ingredients list starting this year. It was my 2013 resolution and I had to say no to things I really wanted. I don’t feel guilty about it though. I’ve made myself healthier by saying no. You don’t have to say no to everything…just the majority.

    1. I’m in the slow process of trying to change to more natural products. I don’t want to throw anything away, but when I run out i’m going to replace it with better items. If I can’t find a replacement though, I’ll just use what I like.

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