Morning Skincare: Fall

It might still be Summer, but it sure felt like Fall today. 70 degrees, crisp in the shade and warm in the sun. My skin always changes along with the seasons, so I’m getting ready for Fall weather in the skin department already. I never really know how to refer to my skin, so I usually say combination. I get a bit more oily in Summer and a bit drier in Winter. Spring and Fall are usually my best times for skin because the weather isn’t too severe. So here we have it, the way I’m currently keeping things at bay in the face region. Let’s hope it keeps working.



Yes to Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser 

I usually wash my face in the morning to make sure it is rid of dirt and oils, making it a better canvas for make up. While I’m not a huge fan of the fake smelling cucumber aspect of this cleanser, I do like how gentle it is. The ‘milk’ aspect of it makes it creamy yet light feeling. My skin doesn’t feel stripped, but it does feel clean.



Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

I don’t like overly strong scents in the morning, so that is why I picked this up. It is completely unscented which is also great because it means it isn’t packed with artificial fragrance that can irritate skin. I exfoliate usually twice a week, 3 if I’ve warn a lot of make up. I use this in the shower since I find it easier to rinse off with the pressure of the shower head. Honestly, there really isn’t much too this stuff. It’s just you’re average mild exfoliator.



Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF 30

I do my best to use SPF year round, especially on my face. This sunscreen is non oily (‘dry touch’) so it is fine to put on under make up. I find it never breaks me out, doesn’t live my skin dry, and doesn’t have a strong sunscreen type smell. I usually use a moisturizer with SPF in it, but my current moisturizer doesn’t have SPF so I’ve been using this.



Michael Todd Organics Citrus Cream Moisturizer

Oh, this stuff smells good. I love citrus-y scents, and this one really does smell like fruit to me! This is great for the mornings because it isn’t too heavy, especially on top of the sunscreen. Also, is it just me or does citrus wake you up? I find the scent very invigorating in the mornings. Michael Todd is a really great organic brand, but a tad pricey. I’ve been experimenting with their products, and this one really stands out to me. It has Hyaluronic Acid in it which is a natural age fighter, so that is always a plus as well.



Garnier Ulta Lift Eye Roller

Since I’m only 22, I don’t really need much in the anti wrinkle department. I use this product more as a light moisturizer. I like how it rolls on so you’re not tugging at your eyes. At this age, that is the best I can do to prevent aging. I do find it moisturizing, which is mostly why I use it. I get dry under eyes during allergy prone seasons (all the time?) and this is light weight for day use.


I’m loving my routine these days, but it is still a bit early in the season for my skin to be reacting the way it should. Hopefully it won’t be too cold of a Fall though or my skin will just be craving moisture in any way possible.

What types of products are you using right now?

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