Beauty Pet Peeves

Everyone has pet peeves…right? I can’t be the only one. A lot of the things that bother me are probably pretty normal, but either way I don’t want to get into them here or I’ll probably come across as a bitch. Since this blog focuses more on all things girly, I thought I’d mention some of my beauty pet peeves. These are things I see a lot on blogs or YouTube videos that overtime I have realized are just so annoying to me.

1. Giant, over defined eyebrows. 


Personally, I have somewhat large eyebrows compared to most people, but they aren’t huge. I personally do not like how it looks on me if I fill them in. So many ‘beauty gurus’ say “You have to fill in your eyebrows!” “It brings the whole look together!!” Yeah, maybe if you have tiny, skimpy, not even there eyebrows…but I think people have started to go eyebrow crazy. In a tutorial, I’ll think “hey that girl has nice eyebrows” then she will go fill them in so it looks like she painted tribal stripes onto her forehead. So what I’m trying to say is, girls, calm down with the eyebrow pencils. You’re so used to seeing yourself with caterpillars on your face you forgot you actually look fine without them.

2. Products only being released in some countries. 

images (1) images

I understand shipping overseas can be very expensive, and that some smaller brands cannot afford to make enough product to serve the world. But, if you have an amazing, nothing is better than this, product, OMG PLEASE JUST LET ME HAVE IT. The above pictures are two of the biggest products for me that I just can’t wait to try, but sadly I live in America. Bigger companies that already exist in America and abroad do this too sometimes, and that bothers me even more. For months I was waiting to try the Rimmel Apocolips, and they finally JUST came out here. Also from Rimmel, I want to try the Wake Me Up line, but, not sold in the states. Like, come one Rimmel, next time you’re sending over a box of your not very good eyeshadows compacts, send some other stuff too.

3. Mascara drying up/only wearing it for 3 months.


So, if you’re supposed to throw away your mascara after 3 months of use, why are the tubes so big? I don’t know about you, but with pretty much daily usage, a tube of mascara definitely lasts more than 3 months. I feel like I’m wasting so much product. For 3 months I was only using 2 sample sizes of mascara, and they were still going strong when I decided to throw them out. Also, mascaras seem to dry up pretty fast. Toward the 4th month of usage (if you’re being naughty) the mascara starts to dry up. Dear make up companies, please start making smaller mascara tubes. I’d rather buy mascara more often then ending up throwing away half a tube of product.

4. Products you think are good for you being filled with chemicals.


The above two products contain chemicals that have been linked to cancer. Cetaphil is dermatologist recommended, and every magazine ever recommended. I started using it after a recommendation from a friend that it was really gentle, didn’t irritate skin, and helped clear acne. One day in the shower I picked it up to read the ingredients. They are all chemicals, and mostly parabens. Maybe Cetaphil gets your face clean, but you’re covering in chemicals that could do a lot of harm down the road. Never buying it again! Now for Aveeno, a company that gives off the impression of being natural, is far from it. Also pumped with chemicals, there are no natural ingredients doing anything for your skin in their products. Maybe they contain a few soy this, almond that, but the ingredients doing the actual work are not natural. For years I was buying Aveeno body washes and lotions, but from now on I’m going to do more research before purchasing. I don’t eat processed food, so why would I rub myself in processed lotion?

5. MAC Stores.


I’m the kind of person that goes into a make up store knowing what I’m looking for. I do a lot of research before hand, so when I go into the store, I usually know everything I need to, and I’m just there to buy it. I don’t like MAC stores because nothing is out for me to just grab and go. At least not the one I go to. I’ll swatch an eye shadow, and then I’m like “where the hell is this eyeshadow.” I don’t want to talk to the employees. Last time I tried that, I ended up covered in make up and walking out with nothing because I got overwhelmed. I don’t have questions. I don’t need help finding anything. I know about your latest collection. I don’t want to see what color I am in foundation. I just wanted to buy an eye shadow. I’m thinking about just making online purchases from now on. But I don’t want to pay the shipping! Maybe I just need to balls up and walk into the store and just say “I AM HERE TO BUY A SATIN TAUPE EYESHADOW. THANK YOU. GOODBYE.”

I think thats enough ranting for one day. What beauty pet peeves do you have? Please tell me I’m not alone on the MAC thing.


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