Top 10 Summer Essentials

It’s officially summer, and I find summer to be a difficult time of year. I can’t pick a favorite season, but I can pick a least favorite. Summer. I like tanning, I like fresh fruits and veggies, I like not being in school…but hot weather trumps all of that. I can’t stand it! When I got to my boyfriend’s parents house, I go in the pool for maybe an hour? Then I’m ready to go back inside to the AC. So, to help me get through the summer, here are a few of my favorite products that get the most use during the summer months.


1. Jason Aloe Vera Gel 

Aloe Vera is a great year round moisturizer, but I really prefer it in the summer months. Aloe helps keep moisture in the skin, and keeps the skin healthy and strong. After spending a few hours in the sun, aloe can be very beneficial to the health of your skin. If you spent a little too much time out (which I think all of us do) then aloe will help heal any damaged skin. I apply this after every sun bathing excursion whether I burn or not. Even if you don’t get burnt, aloe helps  the top layer of skin strengthen which can actually make a tan last longer. I haven’t tanned in almost 2 weeks but I look like I’ve been out all day! Make sure to look for something with a high amount of aloe, this kind is 98%. Most drugstore “aloe lotions” are full of chemicals, and have a low amount of aloe, which won’t do much for your skin.


2. Heritage Store Rosewater and Glycerin

I’ve recently been more curious about natural beauty products. Most of my inspiration for this came from one of my favorite beauty bloggers Kendra. In one of her videos she talked about this rosewater spray. I’ve heard about rosewater before, but wasn’t completely sure about what it was supposed to do. It is supposed to be moisturizing, and since it is all natural, extra healthy for the skin. I love this for the summer because of how refreshing it is. I like to spray this on when I get a little hot while outside. It is also nice to spray on at night after I wash my face. The smell is a light rose scent which I find very relaxing. I think it helps keep my skin very hydrated, and soothes any irritation or sting from the sun.


3. Julep Day Defense Lip Balm

Everyone knows SPF is a must have for the summer, so I didn’t even bother putting a sun block on this list. SPF for your lips however, is something people often forget. Not only is this one of my favorite lip balms, it has SPF 15 in it which is great for the summer. I have very dry lips already, and an hour in the sun unprotected, my lips start to hurt. I put this on every morning when I do my make up so I know I’m starting the day with a little SPF. I keep a different one in my handbag for use throughout the day. This lip balm is super smooth, and feels great under other lip products. It also has a mint-y, citrus-y, vanilla-y type scent. I am almost at the end of this tube, and have tons of back up lip balms, but I think this is one I’m actually going to have to repurchase!


4. Zoya Shelby

Neon is like the thing in the summer right? Well, I think neon is a bit TOO much some time. For everyday, I just find it overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, I love neon, but I just find it so hard to wear. A shirt, a belt, is whatever for a day. Neon green nails for 5 days in a row though? Too much! So, that is where Zoya Shelby, my favorite Zoya polish comes in. The color is almost neon, but not quite so it is super wearable. Every time I put this color on I get obsessed with it and never want to take it off. Zoya polishes are all great, but this color is just so great.


5. Urban Decay X Eye Shadow

Uh…can you tell I like this eye shadow? I’ve had it for a long time, so it has had time to get this used up. X is a peachy, coppery shimmer shadow. It comes across much more copper in the pan, much more gold on the lid. When I have a tan, I just love how this color looks. It isn’t too much for everyday use. Looks great on its own with a little mascara. I told myself I wanted to start finishing up some older eyeshadows, but now that I have been wearing this a lot again, I want to re purchase it! Other similar shadows I have are too intense. X is just the greatest golden shimmer for a bronzed summer look.


6. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Primrose

Well first off, that swatch is coming across a bit pinker, couldn’t get it too look right in photoshop. ANYWAY this is my favorite everyday lipstick this summer. I love lipstick. Duh. So I really like to have color on my lips rather than a ‘wash of color’. Revlon Primrose goes with everything. Since it is an easily wearable color, I know I can throw it in my bag and it will match whatever outfit I have on. This is a very recent addition to my collection, but I find myself reaching for it so often. Primrose adds the perfect amount of color to the lip to pull a look together. I love bright pinks and corals in the summer, but Primrose is a color I know I couldn’t live without.


7. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer in general is a summer essential, but Laura Mercier’s is my favorite. I’ve tried a couple of TMs over the years, but the Laura Mercier one adds more coverage than most, but still has a light weight feel. I find my face tends to get greasy easily with other tinted moisturizers during the humid summer months. With this one those, I feel I just look a bit dewy as the day goes on, rather than oily. This has SPF 20 which is perfect for everyday sun protection. This summer I haven’t been wearing foundation at all, and normally I think it is crazing to wear tinted moisturizer everyday. Luckily, this summer my skin has been behaving, so I can slap this on and feel comfortable going out.


8. The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer Highlighter

Another mor recent addition to my life is this highlighter. I LOVE The Balm products. Everything I have tried has become a favorite. This highlighter is very gold, which I love with a tan. It is so light weight you can just tap your brush in, and it is enough for your whole face. I never really understood highlighter until I started using this one. Everyone wants to look like a summer goddess this time of year, and this is the secret to that look. On days I don’t wear I feel so dull now! Plus, it has great packaging, and is huge, so you will never need to buy highlighter again ever.


9. Jergen’s Natural Glow for Face

Click here for a more full review on this product! Once you get tan, you wanna stay tan, right? Usually your face is a bit lighter than the rest of your body because of the more intense washing/exfoliating we do. In order to keep the balance, I love using this Natural Glow for Face. Everyone has heard of Jergen’s Natural Glow, and this is the same product but with SPF 15. I use this as my day time moisturizer 2-3 times a week depending on how much I have been in the sun that week. I really feel like it gives the skin a natural glow, not to tan, not too light.


10. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon

This is probably the product I have purchased the most in my entire life. I know I had it in high school. And then for some reason I didn’t buy it for awhile, and now I am back hooked. This product really is a secret weapon. If I let my hair air dry, it gets a bit frizzy, and this helps smooths it out and de frizz. If I style my hair with heat (curly or straight) it helps give the hair a bit more hold and the style last longer. The best time for me to use this product is if I have washed my hair that day. No matter what, my hair gets crazy if it is too clean, so Secret Weapon helps by…making it dirty again? It is hard to explain this product without a before and after shot. I’ll get around to that. It is a good price, and so helpful, so just go try it!


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