Fresh Summery Caprese Salad

caprese salad

My all time favorite salad is a Caprese Salad. I almost always have the ingredients to make it, adding different twists depending on what I have around. My boyfriend hates tomatoes, and a salad wouldn’t fill him up for dinner, so over our time together I have stopped eating Caprese as much. This summer, I’ve finally gotten out of my tomato-less funk, and I’m back, baby.

This summer my boyfriend is spending a few nights a week in NYC for work, which lives me to do whatever I want for dinner. I love cooking, especially for him, but I must admit it is nice to know I can make a simple salad for dinner, and that’s it. So, here is a recipe (there is no cooking involved really, but whatever) for a simple, summery, Caprese type salad.

Summery Caprese Salad

Serves 1, easily adaptable for many many servings


5- 7 Leaves romaine lettuce (Or maybe arugula would work well…)

4 Fresh basil leaves, julienned

Handful of fresh tomatoes, various colors if possible

2-3 slices of fresh mozzarella cut into chunks

3 Slices fresh crusty bread, toasted

Olive oil, balsamic, salt, pepper

1. Chop lettuce into pieces that can easily be eaten. Don’t you hate when all the pieces of lettuce are HUGE? Put this on a plate.

2. Slice tomatoes to make bite size pieces, put these over the lettuce. Put your cheese up on there too.

3. Take the basil and sprinkle it all over the plate, making sure to separate the pieces.

4. Drizzle olive oil over everything, and sprinkle the balsamic too. Shake a little salt and pepper to taste.

5. Cut the toasted bread into bite size pieces and place those on top.


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