Rant or Rave: Jergen’s Natural Glow


If you read my previous post about the Sun Labs tanner, then you know I don’t know much about the world of self tanning. One thing I realized quickly about using self tanner was that your face loses the tan much quicker than the rest of your body. I watched some YouTube videos about this issue, and a lot of people like the Clarins Liquid Bronze for Face, but…it is $35 dollars. So, instead I went to an old standby, the Jergens Natural Glow.

I think I had a bottle of this for body back in high school, but I never felt like it worked very well. You pretty much have to apply it every day for it to be noticeable, and that is a lot to ask of me. This bottle though, is specifically designed for the face (and has SPF!). I apply moisturizer every day and night, no matter what, so I knew I would be able to use this stuff everyday.

After a week or so, I could definitely tell I had a…glow. Not so much a tan, but like I’d sat out in the sun for half an hour or so. It looked very natural and did not break me out at all. Once I noticed a bit of color, I stopped using it as often. (I also had been tanning a lot and didn’t really need it.) Now that I am more naturally tan instead of face tan, I use it every few days to ensure my face keeps its tan. With all the make up removal and exfoliation I do, my face still tends to be lighter than my body, but this helps correct that.

Sometimes I apply it at night and I feel like I look more radiant in the mornings. Maybe that is just in my head?

This will definitely continue to be a staple of mine in the warmer months. It is gradual, so you can’t mess up if you’re new to/bad at self tanning. It is so much cheaper than any other self tanner type products out there, so it is definitely worth it. I probably won’t ever use the body lotion, but for face it is a product that is easy to use and does what it says.


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