Rant or Rave: Nip + Fab Mango Smoothie


Has it been a dream of yours to smell like the most amazing thing on the planet, but you weren’t quite sure what that was? Well ladies (and gentlemen?) I found it. And at Target. I had heard about the Nip + Fab Pistachio body cream, and when I noticed the company at Target, I looked around for it. Sadly, the Pistachio was no where to be seen, and the only body cream they had was Mango Smoothie. I was in the market for a new body moisturizer and decided even though it wasn’t what I was looking for, it couldn’t be too bad. I through it in my cart and went on home.

When I got home I opened it up and OMG IT SMELLS SO GOOD. It definitely smells like magoes, but a bit more tart. The tartness I think makes it smell more real, instead of smelling like fake sugary mango stuff. The smell also last for an hour or so. That way you can enjoy the scent, but you don’t smell like it all day so you don’t get sick of it.

And if the smell wasn’t enough, it still works like a great moisturizer. Not too heavy, not too light. My favorite time to lather it on is after a pamper sesh. I wear a body cream with SPF during the day, but at night there is no need so I prefer something more fun.

Also, this is a British product, which will make you seem all fancy shmancy around your friends.

Buy it at Target

Buy it on Nip + Fab.com


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