Spring Favorites


I can’t really do this monthly favorites thing, I use the same things for a lot longer than a month. So I decided to just make this more seasonally instead. So, here are my favorite products from the past few months!


Lumene Pure Radiance Day Cream

Now that it’s the time of year where I’m outside a lot, and SPF is 100% necessary. I’m usually really good about always wearing SPF, but it can be hard to find a good day cream sometimes. I picked this up randomly because it was on sale and it looked interesting. The cream is light weight enough to wear under make up which is a major thing for me. It has this slight citrusy scent which is refreshing, but doesn’t linger on the skin too much. I bought a small size, but I definitely will be buying the full size when I run out.


Urban Decay Naked Basics

I’m sure you’ve all heard about this little baby, but I’ll talk about it anyway. In the spring, I like an easy make up look, something no fuss. The Naked Basics palette is the perfect 1 stop shop for that. You can make a light day time look, or a smokey night time look, all in on palette. I always really like this just to have along with other eyeshadows. This palette can be used to add to any look. Also, its super tiny and compact so you can throw it in your purse and change your look throughout the day. I LOVE Urban Decay eyeshadows, I have so, so, so many of them. These shadows are just as lovely as all the others I’ve used.


Stila Lip Glaze in Pinata

Best thing: smell/taste. All the Stila Lip Glazes smell delicious, and for something you’re going to put on your lips and near your nose, thats a total plus. They are a put sticky, but that helps the color stay on longer. I love this color because it just adds a nice wash of berry pink and shine to my lips. It works great for layering too. I have a few of these lip glazes and this is by far my favorite.


Covergirl LipPerfection Lipcolor in Fairytale 405

I first picked this up because I saw someone wearing MAC “Watch Me Simmer” and fell in LOVE. But, I don’t like buying MAC lipsticks because they are too expensive for something I don’t use often. After lots of googling for dupes, I came across Covergirl Fairytale, and quickly went out and bought it. So it is important to state I bought and love this for the COLOR. It is a bit more coraly in real life compared to the picture. The Covergirl lipsticks have that ‘makeupy’ smell, and don’t have the best application. Even though they aren’t called longwearing, they definitely are. This WILL stain your lips, a bit. It is a bit drying, but feels creamy for awhile. I wore this for..4 hours during an event, and it lasted pretty well with just one application.


Smashbox 15 Hour Creaseless Cream Shadow in Topaz

This was my first cream shadow. I bought this almost a year ago, but this Spring have been using it almost everyday. I really like to use this all over the lid when I don’t really need to be wearing make up, but want to look ‘put together’. It is a nice frosted beige color, that blends in well with the skin. It is also really nice to use as a base. I usually use this under my Naked Basics palette because those colors are matte, and I like a little shine!


Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush in Natural

FIRST OF ALL, this make up is supposed to be ‘glow and mood boosting’ which is bullshit, it’s just make up. In the spring, everyone wants effortless make up that looks like you just woke up looking that beautiful, and this is a good blush for that. It is sheer, so it just adds a nice flush of pink to the cheeks. If i’m just wearing tinted moisturizer, this is usually my go to blush. Also, it’s adorable!!

Those were my favorite products I’ve been using this Spring. What are some of yours?


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