Rant or Rave: Sun Labs Self Tanner


From L to R: Exfoliator, Tan Overnight, Tan Maintainer

Background: I have light medium skin and tan pretty easily during the summer. I LOVE being tan, but don’t like the risk of skin cancer/getting sweaty/tanning anywhere other than a pool or beach. I like in Philadelphia, and hour and half from the beach, and no pool nearby. I do most of my tanning at my boyfriend’s mom’s pool about 2 hours away.

The world of self tanner is a scary one. High risk of turning orange, streaks, bad smells, and irritation. I tried self tanner in high school once and it was so liquidy it ran down my legs and was very messy. Last year my grandmother had to do some treatments for skin cancer, and it really made me realize how unnecessary it is to bake in the sun just to be tan. But it didn’t change the fact that I LIKED being tan. So, a few weeks ago, after reading/watching many many many reviews, I decided to buy the self tanner kit from Sun Labs.

Since I don’t know anything about Self Tanner, I didn’t really know what to look for, and had to trust other peoples opinions. After about 4 tries, I’ve decided I really like this product, and LOVE self tanner. The set comes with three bottles; exfoliator, tanner, and maintainer.

Exfoliating Body Gel

This is a green, slime looking mild exfoliator. You use this before you tan to ensure your skin doesn’t have dry patches. It’s supposed to help the tan go on evenly. It’s okay. I’ve used better exfoliators, but I don’t need anything too rough, so it is nice to have around. Mostly, I just don’t like the smell of this. It smells like it was supposed to be mint, but then it met some latex, and turned into this. Next time, I’ll just buy the tanner by itself, rather than in the kit.

Tan Overnight Self Tanning Lotion in Medium

This is where the magic happens. I usually use a glove (just a latex free one from the drugstore) to apply the product to prevent my hands from getting dark. I always start with my legs, move up to my torso, face, then arms last. I find this helps prevent the product from rubbing on itself. The color medium is perfect for giving yourself a darker color, but it doesn’t look too drastic. I want to look like I went to the beach, not that I live in a tanning bed. I apply the product a few hours before bed, so it has some time to absorb, and time for me to notice any blank spots. Then, you go to bed, and wake up looking beautiful. Compared to other self tanners, I think the most important aspect of this product is the smell. It has a light, fruity scent, not a chemically scent like other tanners.

Tan Maintainer Moisturizer

I don’t think this product does anything? You’re supposed to put it on in the morning after you tan to help maintain the tan. I shower in the morning, so I don’t really know if I’m supposed to put it on before or after the shower (before is weird). I like the smell of this moisturizer, but it doesn’t do much for me skin, so I prefer a different one. I think it’s just supposed to keep your skin hydrated. I doubt there is an ingredient that helps keep the tan dark. As with the exfoliator, I probably won’t repurchase this.


Overall, I’d say an A+ experience. When I run out, I’ll probably try a different tanner (I’m thinking St. Tropez?) just to experience it. Not sure if I’ll continue usage into the winter though, then it will be pretty obvious it is fake.




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