Favorite Things: Candles


I am a candle whore. I have this weird OCD thing about my apartment smelling like whatever I made for dinner, so I really love burning candles. Come on, who wouldn’t want to smell cinnamon frosting over grilled salmon? I distinctly remember being at Target one day and buying a Red Velvet scented candle, 2 or so years later, here I am with an unnecessary amount of candles.


These are my favorite candles for this spring. Granted, I haven’t had a chance to smell/burn every candle in the world, but out of what I have smelled, these are the ones I’m most excited about having over the next couple months. First of all, I buy almost all of my candles from Bath and Body Works. They have really good deals (2 for $22, rather than $20 each), they burn well, they have interesting scents, they have cute labels, and I can easily buy them down the street. Target has an AMAZING candle selection, but most of them are smaller and more expensive than BBW candles, so I usually don’t bother buying them.


Up first, is “London Calling” from the City Collection. This candles is supposed to smell like tea and lemon, and it is pretty spot on. It warm, and yet fresh. One time when burning it I made some Lipton tea with lemon, and it smelled so similar! I like this candle on rainy, cloudy spring days. So I like it when it feels like London outside.


Pineapple Orchid (from the Slatkin Spring Line)…how wonderfully sweet and fresh you are. I think this is my favorite of the season so far. Usually most fruit scents throw me off. Other fruit scents from BBW smell really fake, not at all what it would smell like to actually be near the fruit. The orchid in this candle tones down the pineapple to a light citrus scent, backed by calming florals. I really love it, and I’m pretty sure this is a scent that repeats each season.


First Bloom from the Market line is the only candle I wanted to take home from that line. The others were really strongly scented and fake smelling. First Bloom is very floral, but just a touch of sweetness prevents your room from just smelling like a garden. The adorable label doesn’t hurt either!


I keep going back and forth with Gelato from the Piazza collection. It reminds me of something that I can’t quite put my finger on. “Gelato” is a really vague name. The candle smells like raspberries, with a touch of vanilla and creaminess. The label was too cute for me to pass up. It definitely doesn’t smell like something “natural” but it smells really good. All the candles in this line are really unique, so I’m excited to try out more.

Do you have any favorite spring candles?


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