Bringing the Outside In



I always love having fresh flowers on my kitchen table. I think it makes my apartment feel really fresh and pretty. I always vary what type of flowers I have, always depends on what’s available at the store. I usually buy my flowers at Trader Joe’s because they have good quality flowers for a good price. Those lucky times of the year when my boyfriend gets me flowers are so wonderful because he always gets the most beautiful bouquets from a shop in the city.

tulips jar

This week, I bought two bouquets because I wanted to make sure they fit well in the vase. There were a few too many, so I put the extras in this old milk bottle I got at a thrift shop. I put this vase on my coffee table. I sit on my couch 90% of the time I’m in my apartment, so I love having the flowers there to make that area feel fresh as well. I also love the contrast of this bright white tulips in the old glass bottle. It’s amazing how a few flowers can make my “coffee table must haves” look so nice. (Pictured are a Bath and Body Works candle, tissues, and an EOS lip balm.)

hanging plant

On a book shelf in the corner of my apartment I have this bright green plant. My mom bought it for me almost 3 years ago when I first moved into my old apartment. It has grown SO much since then! It hangs down my bookshelf in such an elegant way. Since it’s in the corner, I forget to water it a lot, but it hasn’t died yet! (Gets up to go water plant.)


Since I can be bad about watering my plants, I also have this vase of dried lavender. I picked this up at a Farmer’s market toward the end of the summer. When it was fresh, it gave off a faint lavender smell, but it has since faded. Even though it’s dried, it still looks very lively and plant like. The color is great too because it blends in with my other decor.

I used to have 2 other small plants in my bedroom by the window. They were so cute and pretty, but once winter came around, the windowsill got too cold and they died. They needed a lot of sunlight so I couldn’t move them too a different part of the apartment. Soon I will by new plants, and try again at keeping things alive. If you live in a city like I do, buying a plant or fresh flowers helps bring back that nature you may feel like you’re lacking. If you’re bad at taking care of things, buy some fake ones! They make some really good quality ones these days, and they last forever.



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