February Favorites 2013

February Favorites

February was nice while it lasted, but March is here, and thus…February Favorites. I did a lot of experimenting this month , and so I have quite a few favorites!


Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe

Oh so I didn’t even take a picture of the label, whatever. This is a cream shadow in a dark taupey color. The color tattoos are a thick cream shadow, which makes them go on really opaque and last all day. I love wearing this color on its own, unlike most cream shadow. This with a little black eyeliner and highlighter is a super quick everyday look.


Jordana IN COLOR Fabuliner Liquid Liner in Black

I heard about this eyeliner from Tracy and Stephanie of Eleventh Gorgeous. I’ve only recently gotten into liquid liner, and I’m really loving it! I like this one because the tip is thin, but not too thin that you have no control. On first coat it isn’t super pigmented, but a second coat (which I would do anyway) makes it very black. The best part? It’s super cheap, $3-$5.


L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup in W3

This was my holy grail foundation in high school. I decided randomly to pick up a bottle of it again to see if I still like it. Well, I do! It matches my skin really well and really is ‘super blendable’. It has sparkle to it, so it looks really nice in the sunlight. While I’m loving this now, I’m going to take a break from it for now, I think it’ll be better in the summer!


Crown Brush Synthetic Powder Brush

I’m not positive this is the right name for the brush, it isn’t on the handle and I can’t really tell by the pictures on website. I got this in a set from Hautelook. They are all really soft and a joy to work with. I’ve been using this one with the L’Oreal foundation and my Revlon Colorstay. You have to be careful to not get too much product on the brush or it gets a bit streaky, but it does a good job blending the foundation into the skin.


L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Stubborn Plum

First of all, that name is ridiculously long. I picked this up right when they came out earlier this year. I instantly fell in love with the product. It goes on really wet, but dries too feel just like a gloss. Then it lasts foreverrrrrr, at least for a gloss. This color in particular is the most amazing thing. Something about my skin tone…I just can’t stop looking at myself when I have it on. I really need to pick up more colors, although I’m running out of space for lip glosses…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA revlon nail polish

Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish in Indigo Night

I decided last week I wanted a royal blue nail polish. So I went to Target and picked this up. Right away  I put it on and OMG it’s so amazing. It’s not dark…it’s not light, it’s just perfect. Revlon Colorstay polishes go on really well and last for about a week. It was opaque in one coat but I used 2 for good measure. Looking forward to this being my go-to dark polish for the spring.


mop Extreme Moisture Hair Conditioner

My ends were getting really dry this winter so I desperately needed an intense conditioner. A lot of hair masks are $40+ dollars, and I just wasn’t in the mood to pay that. This baby was $17 and smells like a smoothie. I just put some on the ends of my hair while in the shower once or twice a week. Let is sit, then rinse it out. It really helps keep my ends softer and healthier. Plus, since it’s not a mask, and is just an intense conditioner, it is much much easier to rinse out.


Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Spray

One reason my hair has been dry is because I keep spraying what is essentially salt water onto it.  Beach Babe is a spray that smells like coconut rum that gives your hair texture like you’ve been at the beach. How I use it is I curl my hair cute and bouncy then go on with my day. The next day, I spray this on my second day curls for a beachy texturized look. Even though it’s drying, it gives a cool effect that no other product does. Can’t wait for the summer to use it more.


Boots Expert Scar Care Serum

I don’t know why but I keep getting tons of cuts on my hands, and I hate scars. Picked this up to see if it will help get rid of them. The package says it takes up to 3 months to change appearance of scars, so I haven’t seen much of a difference yet. I do however really like the application and lack of scent. It’s not greasy and drying. I apply it twice a day onto the areas of my hands with scars.


Paco Rabanne Lady Million

My boyfriend bought me this for our anniversary back in September. I had recently purchased a perfume though so I wasn’t using it much. This month I started reaching for it everyday and I absolutely love it. It’s floral, yet citrusy, yet sweet…I really can’t describe it. It makes me feel so yummy, and I love knowing my boyfriend loves how I smell too!

Okay, hope that wasn’t an overboard of products. In the future I’m going to try to do less!


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