March Julep Maven Box


This month’s Julep Maven theme was “Get Ready to Play” featuring chalky pastels. I usually skip every other month, mostly because of money and space, but this month’s colors really caught my eye so I knew I had to get it. The box came with 2 nail polishes in “Simone” and “Debra”, hand cream and a lip balm.


The Maven boxes always come with a non nail polish, but still hand oriented product. In the past I’ve received hand scrubs, foot scrubs, nail polish removers and lotions. This month was the “Rockstar Hand Cream.” Julep describes it as “a non-greasy, fast absorbing formula that keeps hands hydrated, even after washing.” At first I thought it was a bit greasy, but it did absorb into my hands pretty quickly. It has a very faint floral scent which is nice and not overpowering. The smell lingers, but you can only tell when you put your hands near your nose. The interesting part is the “no mess twist cap” which I tried to photograph. The cap doesn’t come off, you just twist it, and squeeze the product out. It’s cool, but I wouldn’t say “no mess.” You have to be careful to not squeeze the bottle at all when you re twist it.


My favorite part of Julep Boxes is the surprise that usually inside. Sometimes there is candy (sadly there wasn’t this month). One month I received 2 pots of loose glitter. Another month a metal ring that you could customize the color of with your own nail polish. Awhile ago I received a lip balm that I was absolutely in LOVE with, so I was really excited to open my box and find this “Strawberry Mint Lip Balm” inside. It tastes like strawberry daiquiris. I have an unnecessary amount of lip balm currently, but I ams so happy to have this!


Now onto the NAIL POLISH!! The first color is “Debra” a smokey taupe creme. I love colors like this because they are classic and timeless. It is a good color for any season, but I really love neutrals for the spring. The second color is “Simone” a soft pastel lilac opalescent shimmer. I’m really looking forward to wearing this color because it it is really unique. It’s a light purple that turns blue and green in the right light. The shimmer adds a nice touch without being too sparkly.

Really happy with my box this month. I love the Julep Maven program but it is $20 a month which feels like a lot to me. You get all full sized products though, so it actually is an AMAZING deal, permitting you want to get 2 nail polishes and a product each month. The total of this box would have been approximately $54, the lip balm isn’t available online yet, so I estimated it’s worth based off of the other lip balm available.

Join Julep Maven today by clicking here!

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