Rant or Rave: Wen Hair Care

Image Courtesy of http://www.wenhaircare.com

Last year in May, my boyfriend’s mother recommended to me that I try “Wen” because she thought my hair would be perfect for it. I’d seen commercials for the product, ads in magazine, and kiosks at the mall, but always assumed it was just hype, and couldn’t actual be a “miracle” product. That day, we went to the mall and wondered into Sephora. I asked the woman at the store for a recommendation of a hair product, and my boyfriend’s mom quickly reminds me again I should try Wen. Then, much to my surprise, the employee says “Yes, you should try that, we just got it in this morning.” So, as a strong believer in fate, I decided it was meant to be that I walked into a Sephora and they had just started selling the product.

I picked up the “Healthy Hair Care Hit” ($39.50) which comes with the Cleansing Conditioner, the Replenishing Treatment Mist, and the Re Moist Intensive hair treatment. At first I was using the Cleansing Conditioner 2-3 times a week. You wet your hair, cover in a lot (and I mean A LOT) of the conditioner, work it in for a few minutes, and then let it sit in your hair while you do the rest of your shower duties. When you rinse, it is like you have an entirely new head of hair. It makes me hair silky smooth, tangle free, and frizz free. Every hair problem, I have it. Gets frizzy, breaks easily, puffs up, dry on the ends, oily on the scalp, falls out, doesn’t keep a curl… Wen helps all of these problems. The days I use it, I find myself actually liking how my hair looks all day long.

The Replenishing Treatment is a nice treat for days I don’t use the conditioner. I use the Re Most Intensive treatment about once a week, on the ends of my hair to keep split ends at bay.

Overall, I am actually in love with this product. I stopped using it as often because it is a bit expensive, but plan on going back into full Wen mode once it becomes Summer. You can buy Wen online at wenhaircare.com, sephora.com and qvc.com.


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