Favorite Things: Nail Polish

To start, I will mention I own somewhere around 100 nail polishes. I counted once a while ago and I had around 80, so I assume I’m nearing or have passed 100. I don’t have any easy way of organizing them so it is hard to count.

I think my obsession started when I saw a picture on tumblr of a cute polka dot nail art design. I then was at a CVS later that week and noticed a cute, bright kelly green nail polish, so I picked it up and decided to try and recreate the look. Now, a year or so later, I own an overflow of nail polish, nail art tools, a number of nail accessories, and too much knowledge on nail care.

I just find it so amazing how many different nail colors can exist, and I find that I need to own them all. I hate when my nails chip, so I re do them every week, sometimes twice, and love being able to use a completely different color each time.

ImageHere is most of my nail polish shoved into a tiny drawer by my desk. Most people would probably think it’d be impossible to find what I’m looking for, but I actually know my collection really well so it’s easy to find what I’m looking for. Any new polishes or colors I want to use in the near future I take out and put on my desk. It helps me to remember to use them, plus I like looking at them!

My favorite polish companies are Sally Hansen, Revlon, Essie, OPI and Butter London. I love each one for a different reason. Sally Hansen has really good quality for a really good price, Revlon is really affordable for a unique color selection. Essie can be cheap quality, but I always love the color choices of each collection. OPI has the most unique color choices and you get amazing quality for a decent price. Butter London is expensive, but each color I own by them is so unique and adorable.

ImageThese are my all time favorite nail polishes. I find these are the ones I either wear the most, or just find to be unique colors. From L to R: Sally Hansen Plum Luck, Ginger and Liz Swagger, Sally Hansen Cafe Au Lait, Joe Fresh Petal, Sally Hansen Fearless Fog, Chanel Peridot, China Glaze For Audrey, Zoya Shelby, Butter London Trout Pout.


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