Life Update!



I’m alive. Don’t worry! A few weeks ago I really felt like I was in a blogging slump. Maybe it was just the million heatwaves we’ve been having here in Philly. Then in late July, my grandmother who had been battling Parkinson’s for 25 years took a turn for the worse and died a few days later. You can imagine I was in no mood for blogging then! Last week I was then off to Southern California to visit my other grandmother. Now I’m back in Philly, but I’m MOVING! This week I’m packing up my apartment, and starting to move into the new place on the 15th.

My plan is to get back into the swing of things in a few weeks once the new apartment is livable, hard to say  when exactly. Take this as notice I WILL be back, so don’t lose hope.

I’ve got a few new products I’ve purchased or received that I can’t wait to talk about. I’d rather wait until life calms down a little so I can take the best pictures and put up the best content.

For now, check out older posts and follow me on INSTAGRAM!

Teach Yo’ Self! Non Fiction Books to Read

favorite non fiction books

One of my reading goals for 2016 was to read more nonfiction. So far so good! I like going back and forth between fiction and nonfiction, and cover a variety of topics. Reading nonfiction can be super fun as well as educational. Pick a topic you’re interested in, and I’m sure there is a book out there on the topic! Here are a few of the nonfiction books I’ve read in the past that I loved and would recommend to anyone!

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Mitch Stone Session Spray

mitch stone session spray

When I was a kid, up until age 18, I was a dancer at my local dance studio. Once a year we had our big recital, and I was always in a ton of numbers. It was required we all french braid our hair, which my mom painfully (for me) did every year. Then came the hairspray. Layers and layers of hairspray until my usually frizzy hair was flat as pancake and hard as rock. So lets just say I know a thing or two about hairspray! When Mitch Stone contacted me to try out one of their products, I pretty quickly settled on the Session Spray because I was long overdue for a new hairspray.

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Derma E Skincare Products

derma e skin care

I recently received some awesome goodies from Derma E! I’ve really fallen in love with Derma E over the past 6 months or so. They have so many products that cover so many skin concerns, there is definitely something for everybody. The three products I’m sharing with you today all focus on  anti-aging, renewing the skin, and lifting! So far, I’m loving them all, they are great additions to my skincare routine.

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June Favorites 2016

june favorites

I haven’t been buying to many new products lately, trying to save money (and space!). I like to try and really use my make up and beauty collection though, so each month I usually have a mix of old and new. This month is no different! I’ve got some great summer products to share with you today that I loved over the month of June!

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