Glo Minerals Cream Stay Shadow Stick

glo minerals cream shadow

Look at these beauties. Cream shadow sticks packed with color that dry to last all day long. Glo Minerals hit the nail on the head with this one. I’m already a fan of cream shadows, and love how easy they can be. My love for the Maybelline Color Tattoos started to fade when the pots got gunky and started to dry out. I love the By Terry Ombre Blackstars but hate the price! With Glo Minerals you’ve got the ease of a stick with a price you can actually afford. Oh, and they’re beautiful.

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September Empties 2016

september empties

Working my way through the beauty world one product at a time. This month I’ve got some products that took me a long time to work through, so it’s bittersweet to see them go. It’s amazing how each month I always manage to finish I number of products, makes me feel good inside and like I’m really using the things I’ve spent my hard earned money on!

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September Favorites 2016

september favorites

Ugh, I’ve been in a funk again. I never remember to take blog pictures, and when I do have the time I just can’t get off the couch. I had planned to do SO much this weekend, and I did about 20% of it. Luckily I could order some of the stuff I needed on the internet, and then it was Columbus Day so I got another day to catch up! I didn’t really take advantage of the extra day and just did laundry. Boring, BUT LOOK I TOOK BLOG PICTURES. September Favorites!! I’ve been wearing most of the same stuff everyday so it’s a light favorites month. Ok here we go.

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Summer Book Round Up

summer reading

Today, I wore a sweater, then realized I was cold so I put a jacket on before leaving the house. IT. IS. FALL!!!! Yay. And with that, it’s time to update you on what I’ve been reading the past month. I’m still on track with my reading goal, but can’t risk reading anything too lengthy or I’ll get off track quick! A few very good books in this group!

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New Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish

essie gel couture

14 days of gel like wear and shine with no UV light? Easy removal? Can do it myself at home? Sign me up! After trying gel nails for the first time this spring, I was feeling conflicted. I loved the shine and wear, but the removal and aftermath was the worst. I’d do a gel manicure again for a special occasion, but it wasn’t going to work for everyday. I love Essie colors, so when I heard they had a new 14 day gel manicure collection, I figured I’d try it out and see if it really worked!

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