Winter Essentials

winter essentials

During the winter, there are definitely certain types of products I reach for more often. I need more moisture to keep my skin from being flaky. I usually gravitate toward different colors in my make up, for a more wintery look. I just want things that are going to work. These are the items that have been getting me through winter so far…and it has only just begun!

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Rant or Rave: Queen Helene Hair Conditioning Cream

queen helene


Dry skin.

Dry hair.

It’s all I think about.

My recent haircut got rid of the dry dead ends on my hair, but I really need to keep up with the conditioning in order to keep them soft and silky. My mom used to use the Queen Helene Hair Conditioning cream when she was younger because it was cheap and easy to find. Because the hair mask I was hoping to buy ended up being $50+ dollars, my mom bought this for me instead. It was like 5 bucks…

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