Rant or Rave: Queen Helene Hair Conditioning Cream

queen helene


Dry skin.

Dry hair.

It’s all I think about.

My recent haircut got rid of the dry dead ends on my hair, but I really need to keep up with the conditioning in order to keep them soft and silky. My mom used to use the Queen Helene Hair Conditioning cream when she was younger because it was cheap and easy to find. Because the hair mask I was hoping to buy ended up being $50+ dollars, my mom bought this for me instead. It was like 5 bucks…

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In late October I reached 100 Followers, about a month and a half later I reached 200!

I also reached 50 Bloglovin followers.

I just wanted to thank all my followers new and old. I love when I log onto WordPress and see someone has liked a post or left a comment. It is amazing getting to communicate with people across the country, and across the world.

Blogging helps give a little meaning to my simple life. I go to school at night, and have an internship during the day. Blogging gives me something personal to do in the mist of all that ‘real life’.

I said a few weeks ago if I reached 2oo WordPress followers and 50 Bloglovin followers by 2014, I would do a giveaway. So it looks like I reached that goal!! Look out for a giveaway soon. I will probably wait till the holidays are over to start.

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The Body Shop Haul

the body shop

Black Friday and Cyber Monday at The Body Shop offered up some good savings. And they are still having sales, so grab yourself some presents, or I guess you could buy some for someone else. I took advantage of 50% off all merchandise, plus I had 10% off my entire purchase with my ‘Love Your Body’ card. This is over $60 worth of products, for $30! Talk about a good deal.

I have only tried a few products from The Body Shop, so I was excited to take advantage of the sale and pick a few things up.

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November Empties 2013


Every month I think, I barely finished anything this month! And then I empty out the bag I throw empty products in and realize it’s FULL. And yet, my medicine cabinet and bathroom drawers are still packed to the brim with unused products. Admittedly, not all of these products are completely empty, some are dried up or just getting old, and need to be gone. I’m trying hard to finish products so they can be replaced with more natural options, but boy is it taking forever!

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Julep Maven December 2013

julep maven december 2013

It’s been awhile since I bought a Julep Maven box. For $20 a month you receive 2 nail polishes, a beauty item, and usually some little extra surprise. It’s a good deal, but 2 nail polishes a month can get a little excessive!

This month I decided to buy a box because the colors intrigued me and I figured I deserved a little treat!

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