April Birchbox 2014

april birchbox 2014

Happy Birchbox everyone! Sorry this is up later than usual, but I figured I should still post. My box came late this month, then with Passover and Easter I was just so distracted! I feel like my Birchbox excitement has really gone down recently, so I think I will cancel my subscription soon. I feel like I have SO many samples to use up, that it is pointless to get more and more every month! Did you like your Birchbox this month? I felt this was a good one, I just didn’t get that excited…

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Natural Products #3

natural beauty products

I think it’s about time for another Natural Products post. Over the past 6 months or so, I have starting using a number of products with more natural ingredients. So far, I have been loving it, and wish I had learned more about them earlier. I was inspired by the book “Look Great, Live Green” by Deborah Burnes, which made me realize how most beauty products are jam packed with bad ingredients. In order to get more people using natural products, I have done a few posts on natural items I have tried. (#1 and #2). Keep reading to see what natural products I have showcased today!

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Foundation Stash



Today let’s talk about some foundations! For the LONGEST time I was a one foundation girl (L’Oreal True Match), but when I started college I just started buying different things, and now I somehow ended up with 5 different foundations. For me, each one serves a different purpose. I still don’t think I’ve found the perfect foundation, but I definitely like all of these for some reason or another.

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Getting Rid of Old Make Up

old make up

Today, I’m throwing out some make up.

I’ve got a stash 10 times the size it was a few years ago, and it is getting out of hand. Who can wear that much make up? I realized I had some thing that not only did I never wear, but weren’t even wearable. Items that are dried up or definitely expired can be thrown out. I hate throwing things away, but they just aren’t usable, so there really is no other choice. Every year I want to go through my stash and figure out what should just be gotten rid of. That way I’m not being bogged down by unnecessary items!

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Monday Manicure April 7th

china glaze for audrey

Happy Monday!! It’s already a week into April. HOW!? I started a new term last week so not a lot is going on other than a new load of books and assignments! I couldn’t be happier that the weather is getting nicer (although it’s pouring right now). I feel like the possibilities are endless for activities to do and places to see. This Monday, I added some bling to my manicure…because why not? I can’t do polka dots EVERY week…Keep reading to find out more about whats on my nails.

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