Natural Products #3

natural beauty products

I think it’s about time for another Natural Products post. Over the past 6 months or so, I have starting using a number of products with more natural ingredients. So far, I have been loving it, and wish I had learned more about them earlier. I was inspired by the book “Look Great, Live Green” by Deborah Burnes, which made me realize how most beauty products are jam packed with bad ingredients. In order to get more people using natural products, I have done a few posts on natural items I have tried. (#1 and #2). Keep reading to see what natural products I have showcased today!

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March Empties 2014

march empties

Another month over. How is this possible? Luckily April means warmer weather, we all know we need that! I’ve been going through products left and right these past few months, and it feels great. Every month I’m amazed by how many products I have to write about! I’ve been trying to not buy things, and since I’m finishing products my shelves/drawers are actually organized instead of full of clutter. Still I have plenty of products to go through before I’ll let myself by new stuff! Keep reading for a quick review on each item I finished this month.

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Spring Wish List 2014

spring graphic

Spring is here finally, although it still is pretty cold! We have all been waiting for the weather to start warming up after this record breaking winter. Looking back at my Winter Wish List, I didn’t really get many of the things I wrote about. I bought a winter jacket which was a must have, and I DID get leather boots, but not really the kind I was looking for (although I do love them). I am definitely going to pick up a blender soon. I’m not very good at actually following my own wishes…This spring I wouldn’t be surprised if the same is true.

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February Empties

february empties

Empties, empties, oh so many empties. I feel like it never ends. Every month I am so proud I finished a bunch of products, but then I look in my bathroom, and there are products everywhere! I’m not really in a “no-buy”, mode but I am trying hard to resist the urge, and just use stuff up! It takes a lot longer than I think to finish things. Working on month 3 trying to finish a lipstick I’ve had for awhile, but don’t want to throw out.

14 items! Let’s go!

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Favorite Things: Coconut Oil

coconut oil

A reader asked if I could do a post going into more detail about how I use Coconut Oil, and I thought that was a great idea! I’ve only recently started to use Coconut Oil, but everyday I’m discovering a new way to use it that I love.

First, a little about this amazing product. Coconut oil comes in a solid form, but melts at 76 degrees Fahrenheit. This means it can easily melt from body temperature, but will stay in a relatively sold form in room temperature. Coconut oil contains a unique combination of fatty acids. They are absorbed into the body in a different way than other fatty acids, producing a natural source of energy. An increased amount of energy means more fat burning. It can also be good for the heart, the liver, and the brain! Coconut Oil also contains Lauric Acid which can kill bacteria and viruses in the body and on the skin. In terms of beauty, the unique composition of Coconut Oil allows it so soak into the skin and moisturize. The semi-solid form also makes it easier to work with when using it on the body.

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