Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls

miss jessie's pillow soft curls

(Hey look! It’s me!)

Today I want to talk about curly hair. It’s hard to explain my hair…it’s long, about boob length I’d say. It’s poofy, it’s frizzy, it’s curly/wavy/crazy. Without a lot of work, it looks pretty bad. 90% of the time it ends up in a bun or a braid because it’s the only way to tame the locks. I’m forever on the search for the perfect products to make it look the way I want. I like having curly hair because everyone and their mother straightens their hair, but I don’t want it to look bad. Which it usually does. My sister suggested I try Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls…so I did.

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Drugstore Spotlight: Eyes

drugstore eye products

For the third edition of my drugstore series, I’m focusing on eyes! I’ve got everything from cream to powder, eyeliner, even a primer! There is so much to look at in terms of eyes at the drugstore. Some can be amazing, and some can be down right awful. Over the years I’ve picked up some products here and there, so today I will show you some of the eye products I’ve got on hand.

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5 Things: Moving


I really loved this bedroom, except for the creaky windows!

1. Looking at apartments is the worst.

I pretty much hate looking for a new apartment. It’s cool to see the various types of apartment available throughout the city I live in, but it’s also really frustrating. This one has carpet, this one doesn’t. This one has big closets, but this one has a dishwasher! There are so many factors to consider and I find it SO frustrating. It’s also hard making appointments, and I’m afraid a place we like will get taken before we have the chance….ok I’m just going to stop now. Moral of the story: I’m stressed.

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Jeffrey James The Glow

jeffrey james

I’ve got another product review for you today. This is Jeffrey James Botanicals The Glow. The Glow is an oil that helps hydrate skin, restore the ideal pH level and give skin an overall healthy glow. Now you’d have to be crazy to NOT want these elements in a skin care product. The Glow is packed with different oils made from organic ingredients so you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting on your face. The Glow is a miracle product if you ask me….

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July Favorites 2014

july favorites

Hi my name is Tess and I always get my favorites posts up like 5 days after the month starts. WHATEVER. I always end up changing my mind last minute, so I don’t like doing them too far in advance. I’ve gotta get through the whole month to really know what I love!! I think This month’s crop of products is awesome. I really used all of these products A LOT this month. Like, A LOT.

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July Empties 2014

july empties

I’m moving soon so I’m trying to finish up a lot of products to lighten my load. I managed to finish A LOT in the month of July, I’m honestly SO impressed with myself!! I’ve still got plenty to finish, but it feels good to be rid of so many items this month, even though I really loved a few of them! We’ve got a whole mix of hair, skin, body and even some make up!! Hopefully I can finish a few more items before I have to start packing. And then when I’m settled I can buy NEW stuff!!

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Monday Manicure August 4th

julep manicure


If you’ve seen my past few Monday Manicure posts, I’m super obsessed with the accent nail, and the obsession is not going anywhere. I had this glittery polish I wanted to use, and thought a ‘skittle’ manicure with some fun colors would look adorbs. So I did it, and it looks adorbs. I love using more than one color in my manicures, partly because it gives me a chance to use more of my nail polish. I think this weeks manicure just screams summer, I’m loving it.

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