Natural Products #5

natural beauty products

I’m excited to bring to you another Natural Products post. I am really trying to feature more and more natural products here on my blog, and think these quick posts are a good way to do that. If you haven’t heard me say it before, I’ll say it again. NATURAL PRODUCTS ARE AWESOME! Over the past 6 months or so I’ve been switching my chemical filled products out for healthier more natural options. I’ve seen a difference in my skin, and overall can just feel better about myself because I’m using things that aren’t harming me (or the environment!)

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Glitter Nail Polish Spotlight

glitter nail polish

There’s something about summer that makes me love glitter nail polish. Maybe it’s the sun, the way the light hits the glitter? Maybe I’m just in a better mood and feel like a little sparkle is necessary? I don’t think glitter nail polish is as well loved as it should be. It’s amazing how, if done right, glitter can take a boring nail look into something spectacular.

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Fruit Acid Masks

fruit enzyme masks

I love a good mask. I think they are a vitally important part of my weekly skincare routine. Partly because they can work wonders, and partly because it forces me to relax while I have it on. Today I want to talk about my favorite kind of mask…ones packed with fruit acidsΒ to exfoliate and soften the skin, providing a more radiant appearance to the skin. I have some what sensitive skin, but find it can usually handle a lot in the mask department. I have more issues with physical exfolients. Let me show you my favorite three!

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Blogger Inspiration #1: Joy the Baker and Shutterbean

joy the baker tracy shutterbean

Tracy Benjamin and Joy Wilson (AKA Shutterbean and Joy the Baker) are my best friends. We’ve never spoken, we’ve never met, but they are always there in the car with me, and cooking by my side in the kitchen.

Both of these ladies are amazing bloggers that were a major inspiration to me when thinking about starting a blog. They are both cooking/baking bloggers, but they still have provided me with so many tips, tricks, laughs and ideas, that I can still relate to them despite my blog being beauty related.

After a year and a half of blogging, I wanted to start to share some of my blogger loves with all of you. Hopefully throughout this series you’ll find a new blog to fall in love with!

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Monday Manicure July 28th

revlon nail polish maniure

Oh gosh, I shouldn’t be painting my nails. I should be reading.

Grad school involves a whole lot of reading, in case you were wondering. I honestly feel like I can never catch up! Luckily, painting my nails doesn’t take too long, so I can slip in a manicure in between chapters. I’m continuing my summer trend of bright nail polishes this week. With most days getting entirely too close to 90 degrees, I can’t imagine wearing any put the brightest, most summer colors. This week I chose two Revlon colors!

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Come Follow Me On Social Media

Sorry I’ve been MIA this week! I’ve got midterms and I really need to actually focus on them!! Hopefully by next week I’ll be back into the swing of things. In the mean time, are you following me on social media?

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Monday Manicure July 21st

nailtini millionare

Just a quick post this afternoon to show ya’ll what is on my nails! I got this crazy glitter nail polish by Nailtini awhile back in a subscription box. I noticed it in my drawer and decided I needed to start giving some of my glitter nail polishes a little love! I love wearing sparkley nails in the summer because the light reflects off them and it just looks so pretty! I also love doing two accents nails like this, the pinky and ring finger. I’ve been doing it a lot lately, I dunno, I just love it!

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