5 Products You Need to Try

products to try

Posts and posts recommending different products here and there can make real stand out products get lost in the shuffle. I’ve started to become known as the beauty expert at work, with family and with friends. There are a few products I seem to recommend more than others because I truly do love them, and believe they can work for other people. Today I want to point out 5 of those products that I think you should try!


Blogger Inspiration #4 Vivianna Does Make Up



And here we are with another inspiration post! It’s always good to spread the love, and share with others who inspires us. I’ve been showcasing some of my favorites bloggers in this inspiration series, and I’ve still got a few more left I want to give a shout out too. Today we have Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup. She is both a YouTuber and a blogger. I feel inspired by her from everything to lipstick to t-shirts. I’m sure lots of you have seen her content, but in case you haven’t, here’s why you should!


Beauty Book Wish List


As part of getting back into the groove of reading, I want to pick up a few new beauty related books. I like to read a lot of different things, and since I love beauty so much I should be reading about it more! There are so many beauty books you see all over blogs and Instagrams, I really gotta catch up. I read a few natural beauty related books, but I’d like to see what all the fuss is about with some of these more popular ones.


March Empties 2015

march empties 2015

It’s nice doing monthly empties posts because I can really keep track of myself. I haven’t been buying many new items lately as I am trying to reduce my stock pile of products. My beauty box of back ups is almost empty, and if you’ve seen my last few empties posts you’ll know why! I’ve really managed to use things up and it makes me feel so much better when I spend the money on something new.


March Favorites 2015

march favorites 2015

Another month, and just like that we’re onto Spring! Today is the first day that really truly feels like Spring here in Philadelphia. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and I’m not wearing a scarf! My  March favorites feature a few newer products as well as some older ones that helped me through the month.


Andalou Naturals Meyer Lemon Creamy Cleanser

andalou naturals creamy cleanser

So I really liked my last cleanser, but as a beauty and skincare lover, I had to try something new after I finished it up. There are so many products out there, I’ve just got to try them all! I first heard of the Andalou Naturals Creamy Cleanser from one of my favorite YouTubers, Kendra. In fact I think it was the first Andalou product I heard of, so it’s about time I picked it up! I’ve had a great experience with everything Andalou, so I knew I would love it…but a full scale review is still necessary so I can share my love of it with all of you!


Benefit Gimme Brow

benefit gimme brow review

So I guess I’ve got pretty okay eyebrows. They aren’t too thick or bushy, or too thin and tiny. In my attempts to do anything with my brows in the past, I always hated how it looked. There’s nothing worse than an obviously drawn in eyebrow. My mom had mentioned to me ages ago she liked the Benefit Gimme Brow because it as easy to use and didn’t look crazy after application….so I finally picked one up. $24 seemed like a lot to spend for a tiny little tube, but what else can I except from anything at Sephora? (more…)