Statement Lips

bright lipsticks

While it’s always easiest to wear a nude, a light pink, a ‘my lips but better’ lipstick, it’s important to keep a few bold, statement lip colors in your make up arsenal. If I’m wearing a plain outfit, I love to pair it with a bright lip to bring some excitement to the outfit. I also like wearing a bright lip if i’m going to be in a dark room (party, bar, ect.) so that my make up is actually visible! I don’t wear them too often, but I have a few colors on hand that I always go to when I feel like my look needs a little color.


5 Things: Being Busy


The past 3 weeks I’ve been much busier than usual. School is in full swing, I’ve started a new internship, and I’ve been interviewing here and there for jobs. By the time I get home from school or work, I’m tired, and apparently really bad at managing my time. It’s hard to decide where priorities land, especially when it comes to school work that I know I don’t need to do in order to participate, but still feel like I should do. And then there’s eating, sleeping, blogging, eating. Where does the time go?


DHC Coenzyme Q10 Cream

dhc coenzyme q10 cream

Supple, luscious, hydrated, smooth…all words that we want to describe our skin, right? Well guess what, I can help you get those words. For the past few weeks I have been using the DHC Coeynzyme Q10 Cream as my daily night cream. For the previous few months I’d been trying to use up samples and minis of night creams, so now it feels good to have one I’m using on a regular basis, and I think my skin likes it too. DHC is a Japanese skincare brand, and doesn’t everyone in Japan have beautiful skin? I’ve been loving everything I’ve tried from them, definitely a new found brand love.


Primer Round Up

tarte poreless primer

I can definitely say I’m not a huge fan of primers. I think they tend to feel heavy on my skin, and just seem like an unnecessary extra step in my make up routine. I do however like my make up to last all day, and I have large pores I like to hide. Alas, I have experimented in the world of primers, and have found 3 that seem to do the job the way I want them too. Each has it’s own purpose in my make up routine, but I’d say all get an equal amount of love!


Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish Remover

honeybee gardens nail polish remover

Last month I ordered a new nail polish remover from For at least 2 years I’ve been using almost exclusively acetone from the drugstore to remove my nail polish. Yes, I know, acetone is incredibly drying and blah blah. I’ve had bad nails my whole life (flaking, dry…) and acetone wasn’t making them any more, so I just continued. Since I’ve been trying to use more natural products, I figured I should at least attempt to try a more natural nail polish remover.


September Empties 2014

september empties

It’s a sad time. I’ve finished some goodies. In my efforts to use up a lot of extra stash I had around, I’ve ended up finishing some products I really loved. My stash box is busting at the seams. Every time I take something out, it doesn’t seem to get smaller. Luckily, at this point, I have managed to finish up a TON of items I wasn’t too fond of or didn’t really need. My medicine cabinet actually has room in it!


September Favorites 2014

september favorites 2014

And just like that. It’s October. 3 more months left of this year…that’s just crazy. The weather has finally cooled down, it’s official pants weather. I would’t say sweater weather yet. It was 80 degrees the other day. Some how my favorites for this month involve no make up! I haven’t been trying any new make up lately, and instead have been experimenting more with skincare. I ran out of a lot of skincare last month so this month I needed lots of new stuff. Don’t worry, I still love my make up though!