Products I SHOULD Repurchase #2

products i should repurchase

I did one of these reminiscent posts not too long ago, but I realized I had so many products I wanted to put in, I should just split it into two posts! Today I’ve got a handful of beauty bits I’ve had in the past, used up, and now really should repurchase because I loved them. I’ve been trying to pair down my collection, and try new things so I haven’t been repurchasing, but sometimes it really is necessary!


Avalon Organics Lavender Luminosity Enzyme Scrub

avalon organics

This is definitely one of those “A Blogger Made Me Do It” products. When Kendra, one of my favorite YouTubers said this was her all time favorite scrub, how could I say no? I love scrubs, I love lavender, I love glowing skin…it sounded like it would be perfect for me to! I picked it up from my beloved Vitacost and have been giving it a go the past few weeks. After the first use I was though “oh this is great!” and well, it still is!


Reading Lately #4


I’m half way through my reading goal for the year! Or according to Goodreads, I’m ‘One Book Ahead of Schedule’. I’ve being doing these ‘reading lately’ posts this year to keep track of my reading and to hopefully inspire some of you to read as well! I’ve got some really good books in this batch, so if you’re looking for something new to read, keep on reading!


Jeffrey James The Eye Gel

jeffery james eye

So I have this big bin in my closet where I keep all my back ups and excess of skin care and hair care products. When I run out of something I go rummage through the bin and pull something new out. While rummaging I came across this small white, glass jar. OH YEAH. I forgot I had that! A long time ago I bought this jar of eye gel from Jeffrey James. I used it a bit but then threw it back in the bin to use something else. Well, now it’s back out and in the rotation. I bought another eye cream recently, so I’ve been alternating between the two.


Andalou Naturals Enlighten Serum

andalou naturals brightening serum

I’ve been slowly working my way through the Andalou Naturals Brightening line and Clarifying line. I’ve had amazing experiences with all of them so far, and am excited to now be trying yet another gem. Today from the brightening range it’s the Turmeric + C Englighten Serum. I have used the serum from the clarifying line before and loved it. Well guess what, I love this too!