Nude Lip Love

nude lipsticks

At one point, I would have said ‘I don’t like nude lips’ but that was before I realized ‘nude’ didn’t mean concealer shades as lipstick. The variety of nude lip products out there is down right amazing. Before I knew it, my collection was turning more nude than any other color. I’ve picked out my most used to share with you. If there is anything I know about the beauty world today, it’s that people are loving nude lips!

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I Need Product Recommendations!


I’m running low on a few make up and skin and hair bits, and I’m just not sure where to head next. These are all categories I just haven’t found a winner in yet! I read a lot of blog posts and watch a lot of YouTube videos, but I guess I just haven’t read a review yet that stood out to me! I’ve listed a few of the items I’m looking for, so if you’ve got a recommendation, let me know!

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PΓΌr Cosmetics Hydra Fluid Foundation

pur hydra fluid

When I put together my 2015 make up favorites, I realized I hadn’t tried any new foundations in that year, so I am happy to be starting off February with a new foundation!Β  I was sent the whole color range of the new Pur Hydra Fluid Water Serum Foundation! I’ve tested it out a few times now, and am excited to share my opinion with you! Also check out my review of the Pur Cameo Contour Foundation Stick from a few weeks ago.

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January Favorites 2016

january favorites

Happy February everyone! I’ve got a small selection of favorites this month. Didn’t try too many new things, but did discover some definite favorites. I’ve been focusing more on clearing out some of my make up lately. Feels good to start the year with a clean, organized make up collection! My computer is on the fritz, making blogging a little hard, but hopefully I can replace my computer soon! Ok on to the favorites.

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January Empties 2016

january empties

I thought I wasn’t going to get this post up in time because my computer crashed right after I uploaded the pictures. Then iPhoto kept (and is still saying) my library is unreadable. Luckily, thanks to the magic of Apple, the pictures went to my photo stream so I could upload from the phone! They aren’t really edited the way I wanted, but we’ll make do, it’s not the end of the world. It is the end of some products though! I finished a lot of stuff the last week of the month which was great. On to the trash! (Er, recycling.)

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