August Favorites 2015

august favorites

September ALREADY?! No! I don’t believe it. I actually really like September, but I’m not sure I’m ready! I’ve got A LOT coming up this month, so it was nice to look back on August and see what I was loving. Lot’s of new goodies which is always fun. It was definitely a light make up month because of the heat, but I’m looking forward to bringing out fall make up. This months favorites feature a lot of items I think will be favorites for awhile!


August Empties 2015

august empties 2015

At one point this month I thought I wasn’t going to finish any products, but I guess I was wrong. At the last minute everything started to be empty! Well I’m happy because it means I have a post to write and plenty of new products I can start using as replacements. I was really hoping to finish up a few lip products this month, but it’s just oh so hard. I did finish two make up bits though!


Butter London & Allure Arm Candy Nail Polish + GIVEAWAY

butter london allure nail polish

Let’s just sit and stare at this image for a few minutes. What is prettier than a bunch of nail polishes perfectly lined up? What is pretty than new fall colors?! Butter London and Allure have teamed up this year to bring us a new line of colors for the fall. As I approach the FIFTH heat wave of the year, I’m looking forward to fall. The mornings have been cooler, the shop windows have changed….it’s coming. I can feel it. But first a heat wave. I have been a huge fan of Butter London polishes for years, and this collection doesn’t change that!

Giovanni D:tox System Purifying Facial Mask

giovanni mask

Sometimes you start using a new product, and very quickly realize your life has now changed forever. The Giovanni D:tox Purifying Facial Mask has sure changed my life, which makes me a very happy camper. I think this is the exact type of product I was looking for without realizing it. I’m now a charcoal addict, and even MORE of a mask addict than I already was. Okay, let me explain my obsession…


Julep Bare Face Cleansing Oil

julep bare face cleansing oil

Last year I started using the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, which was the first Cleansing Oil I had ever used. After finishing it up I decided I wanted to try a few other options before repurchasing. Using some Jules Point on Julep I picked up the Bare Face Cleansing Oil, which was also recommended by a few bloggers. I’ve been using it now for a few weeks!