3 All Natural Face Products

all natural face products

In my quest to use more natural and chemical free products in my beauty routine, I’ve started to experiment with the absolute most natural items I could get my hands on. Raw honey, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar can all be used in a skincare routine, and all are great alternatives to chemical laden products. While the packaging may not be beautiful, and the scents a little harsh, using this purely natural, organic ingredients on the skin will completely change your skins appearance. Also, they are much cheaper than most conventional items. And you can get them at the grocery store. Also you can use them in your food. They’ve got a lot of perks…


Roiel Cosmetics Marula Oil

roiel marula oil

Between the cold air outside, and the warm dry radiator air in my apartment, my skin is in need of a drink. (And so am I ;D). I tend to have dry skin all year round, but come winter is always gets especially worse, from my head to my toes, I’m dry as a bone. Luckily, in the past year I discovered the world of oils (full oils post to come) and it has really helped solve not only my dry skin, but other beauty dilemmas! (more…)

Blogger Inspiration #2: Essiebutton


Today’s Blogger Inspiration post is dedicated to the one and only Essie Button, or Estee. I’m sure you’ve all seen her videos and read her blog posts, and totally understand why she would be someone I feel inspired by, but hey, let’s write about it anyway! Everyone deserves a little praise on the internet.


October Favorites 2014

october favorites 2014

I’m a terrible blogger! I’m only just getting my October favorites up now, and it’s already been November for a week! Well, I just started a new job, and with that I got behind in school. And I guess school should come before blogging, but sometimes that doesn’t always happen. I’m only in school for a few more weeks though, so hopefully I can get back into a better schedule. Well, let’s just get going onto the products, that’s why you’re here right?


Another Vitacost Haul

vitacost haul

I’ve been meaning to get my October favorites up for days, but I keep getting home too late to take pictures (stupid Daylight Savings Time)! So instead, I’ll share with you my recent purchase from Vitacost.com. I know, AGAIN. I just ordered in September, but I was actually in need of a few things. Plus, thought I deserved a few goodies.


October Empties 2014

october empties 2014

Happy November everyone! Autumn is treating us well so far here in Philadelphia. We’ve had lots of sun and it hasn’t gotten too cold yet. I actually really love November because it’s going to be Thanksgiving soon which is my favorite holiday! I’m happy to say it’s another month where I’ve finished up a bunch of products (but have also gotten a lot of new ones :D). It’s a never ending cycle..


Statement Lips

bright lipsticks

While it’s always easiest to wear a nude, a light pink, a ‘my lips but better’ lipstick, it’s important to keep a few bold, statement lip colors in your make up arsenal. If I’m wearing a plain outfit, I love to pair it with a bright lip to bring some excitement to the outfit. I also like wearing a bright lip if i’m going to be in a dark room (party, bar, ect.) so that my make up is actually visible! I don’t wear them too often, but I have a few colors on hand that I always go to when I feel like my look needs a little color.