Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser

burts bees orange cleanser

Somehow I finished 2 cleansers within days of each other, and found myself in a scramble to find something new, and quick. I have plenty of cleansers I want to try, but I had to order them all online, so I needed something I could get where I live. On a trip to Target I noticed a well stocked Burt’s Bees section, and spotted this Orange Essence cleanser. I love Burt’s Bess products, and I love orange. After a quick look at the ingredients, I knew it was coming home with me.

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Keep Your Summer Glow

highlighting products

October may be quickly approaching, but it doesn’t mean summer has to be completely behind us. I’m not sure about where you live…but it was 85 degrees in Philadelphia last weekend. Not very fall like! Having to get my shorts back out made me think about ways to keep the summer glow flowing all year long. I picked out some of my favorite products that can keep you looking like you just walked off the beach as we head into the fall!

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DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

dhc deep cleansing oil

A few weeks ago I finished up my make up remover from Andalou Naturals, so I was very happy to receive this cleanser from DHC Skincare. I have used coconut oil to remove my make up before, but was finding it a little messy to get out of the jar and wash off my face. Since this cleansing oil comes in a pump and is formulated to be washed off, it is much easier to use! With only a week or so of use, I’m already in love and definitely a cleansing oil convert for life!

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Everyday Lip Colors

everyday lip colors

The same products never leave front row of my lip product holder. I always keep out the products I’m wanting to wear that month so they are easily accessible. I’ve noticed I always keep a few of the same ones out, (or they are always in my hand bag). These are all great everyday shades that could match not only any eye look, but any outfit as well!

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Disappointing Products #2

disappointing products

Disclaimer! Disclaimer! I am in no way saying these products are bad, I’m just saying they didn’t work for me, or didn’t perform like I expected. I still use them, but they did not meet my expectations, and thus will not be repurchased. With so many products in the world, it’s hard to not try them all. And with so many different skin types, preferences, skin tones, whatever, it’s hard to figure out if one person’s rave will even work for you. Sometimes I’ll love a product for a month, then realize it’s doing nothing for me, or I’ll pick something up on a whim and be disappointed immediately.

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Natural Products #6

natural beauty products

I think I might stop doing these ‘Natural Products’ posts. No! I’m not going to stop using natural products! In fact, I’m going to use MORE. The majority of the new products I have been purchasing are natural, and it seems easier to give each of them their own product spotlight, rather than only give mini reviews in these types of posts. I’m thinking instead I’ll do some natural product spotlights when I have a few I absolutely love. Alright let’s talk about beauty now!

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