Everyday Lip Colors

everyday lip colors

The same products never leave front row of my lip product holder. I always keep out the products I’m wanting to wear that month so they are easily accessible. I’ve noticed I always keep a few of the same ones out, (or they are always in my hand bag). These are all great everyday shades that could match not only any eye look, but any outfit as well!

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Disappointing Products #2

disappointing products

Disclaimer! Disclaimer! I am in no way saying these products are bad, I’m just saying they didn’t work for me, or didn’t perform like I expected. I still use them, but they did not meet my expectations, and thus will not be repurchased. With so many products in the world, it’s hard to not try them all. And with so many different skin types, preferences, skin tones, whatever, it’s hard to figure out if one person’s rave will even work for you. Sometimes I’ll love a product for a month, then realize it’s doing nothing for me, or I’ll pick something up on a whim and be disappointed immediately.

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Natural Products #6

natural beauty products

I think I might stop doing these ‘Natural Products’ posts. No! I’m not going to stop using natural products! In fact, I’m going to use MORE. The majority of the new products I have been purchasing are natural, and it seems easier to give each of them their own product spotlight, rather than only give mini reviews in these types of posts. I’m thinking instead I’ll do some natural product spotlights when I have a few I absolutely love. Alright let’s talk about beauty now!

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Worth It #1

products worth the hype

With so many high end products, and little money to spend, it’s hard to figure out what products are actually going to be worth the luxury price tag. I really don’t buy a lot of expensive make up and skin care, but I’ve got a bit of a stash laying around. I decided to create this new series to show you all some of the high end products in my stash, that I think are totally worth the price tag!

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Vitacost Haul

vitacost haul

I’ve been waiting so long to make another Vitacost order, but I wanted to wait till I moved and got a little settled. Vitacost is my favorite source for finding new natural products for beauty and for home. The selection is so vast, the prices are cheap, and the shipping is SO quick. My wish list on Vitacost is at least 30 products long, but I didn’t let myself get out of hand. For this haul I got a few things that I ran out of, and a few new things to try out.

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Red Apple Lipstick

red apple audrey, sweet pea

In my attempts toward a more natural beauty collection, I have been having trouble in the make up department. I don’t like buying make up online because I like to see the color and feel the texture, but there are not a lot of natural cosmetic companies available in stores. I’ve recently found some new green beauty YouTubers, which has really opened my eyes to what natural cosmetics are available, and are actually good. Everyone started talking about a company called ‘Red Apple Lipstick’. After seeing some swatches online, I decided it was worth the risk of not seeing in person…because they all looked beautiful!

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